Monday, November 1, 2010

Match Your Clothes To Your Seasonal Skin Tone

I am sure you've had to do a double take on these ladies cos they look so much alike! Who does it better, Amy Adams or Aussie Isla Fisher? I think Adams rocks it with the contrasting lipstick, and the green of her dress is the same saturation as her hair, whereas Isla's dress reflects light and it's too shiny for my taste. I can't get over these images, its like the best lookalike photo ever.

Why am i posting this when it has absolutely nothing to do with hijab? Because lately i've really been looking into seasonal colour palettes and trying to work out my season. Im pretty sure i am a 'clear spring'..... so looking at the ladies above Adams has done all the right things in terms of her season (warm spring), but Fisher has more of a golden summer look going with her lipstick and orangey tan, so the green doesn't work as well. It still looks stunning, though!

Here are a couple sites that can help you determine your season:

So what season are you?